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Women's Wisdom Training | Queenstown, NZ

Women's Wisdom Training
100 hr Certification Course

Today more then ever, women need to gather. In our fast passed modern lives it is easy to loose sight of what is important and to forget how powerful we truly are. It is our heritage as women to sit in circle and share, grow, support and encourage one another to live our highest calling as women. With all the demands of family, work and life women have become overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed but there is another way. In this Women’s Wisdom Training Course you will dive deeper into the secrets of living an empowered life. Nianna is passionate about helping women discover their female power and grace and supports her sisters in living a life they love.

If you are a wellness practitioner or yoga teacher and looking to specialize in women's empowerment this course is for you. The intention is to give you the tools to bring forth your greatest gifts and draw wisdom from your own experience so that you can be of service to the empowerment of other women. When you join the women's wisdom training course you become part of a larger sisterhood of powerful women who will support you on your path.

Topics include:

  • Women’s sexual health and sensual power
  • Motherhood, sisterhood and the importance of women in circle
  • Menstrual cycle and how to leverage your hormones for optimal energy and productivity
  • Tune in with the natural rhythm of the earth for mental and physical wellness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Energy cultivation practices and breathing exercises for radiance and relaxation
  • Find your voice and speak your truth
  • Personal empowerment, will power and confidence
  • Self care and the importance of pleasure and beauty
  • Release patterns of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs
  • Body image, re-framing negative self talk and competition amongst women
  • Influence of history and culture on female sexuality
  • All ages: Stepping into womanhood, aging and getting older

Module 1

50 Hours

March 6 -10 (possibly 11) stay tuned!

Sunday - Thursday


Early rate $600 before November 10, 2015

Limited to 10 women. Join the circle. Together we rise.

Visit Nadi Wellness Center for details and to register