Earthquake Relief - Nepal - School Rebuild Project

~ The Away inward Foundation ~


From the first round of fundraising we have made a huge impact in a region hit hard by the earthquakes in April 2015. We have finished an entire school building and restroom. This allows classes to begin to move back inside from the temporary outside shelters they are currently using. And the new bathroom is a 'relief' as there are 3 girls toilets and a urinal for the boys. Until now the entire school was using 2 toilets (and nature of course).

In November the founders, Nianna Bray and Ryan Patterson, of The Away Inward Foundation along with a larger team of volunteers traveled to Nepal with a commitment to help rebuild. We had no idea just how large this project was. There are 4 large school buildings and 2 restrooms. There are over 500 students and they come from as far away as a 2 hour walk. They want to learn and we are going to make sure they have an environment and the opportunity to do so.

This campaign was to raise funds to rebuild the village school. This month, November 2016, we have completed the school in Darbung and followed through with our commitment to the local community, volunteers and donors. We could have not done it without the support and love from all involved. 

Living in the village and getting to know the locals was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It took some time but by the end we all felt like family and celebrated the holiday of Deepawali together as well as the completion of construction. My heart will forever be colored with the love of the people in Darbung village who insisted on treating us like family, feeding us, inviting us into their homes and smiling every time we met.

The sacred Bhudigandaki river and the back drop of Manelsu Himal held us all in a safe and loving container. The rice patties and fields provided nourishment and the quiet stillness of mountain life soothed my soul. 

With heartfelt gratitude to Away Inward Foundation, Altruistic Hands, all the many donors and volunteers and the local community of Darbung. Thank you for such a rich and vibrant experience. 

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Image of a finished building in Darbung Village. The kids are now back in their classrooms! Good job team.