INTEGRATED TEACHING: Yoga and Tantra are ancient sciences of body, mind and spirit that engage the practitioner in embodiment rituals for healing, integration, and wisdom of the self. This path nudges us toward selfless service to Spirit in all forms, and commitment to the process of self-realization. This is a path of moving beyond the barriers of conditioning on all levels into living wild, wise and free. Through an understanding of fascia and biotensegrity a dynamic postural alignment is utilized to bring the practitioner out of pain and into optimal functional movement, mental clarity and heartfelt compassion. 

SPIRIT ADVENTURE TRAVEL: I would not be who I am without the journey I have walked. Traveling the world has opened my eyes to both the beauty and the suffering, the order and the chaos. When we put ourselves in the midst of the unfamiliar and unknown we learn incredible things and discover aspects of ourselves we didn't know existed. We become compassionate and loving toward our fellow brothers and sisters and see our responsibility to the planet and all her creatures. Travel changes us in unexpected ways and each journey we take brings us closer to understanding ourself and our relationship to the whole.

For 7 years Nianna was the Co-director of Away Inward Retreats a boutique global travel company the merges spirit with adventure. She has since retired from the company and is now looking toward the future for what is to come. Stay tuned!

WOMEN'S WISDOM: There is nothing more beautiful then a women in her power. Women of all ages benefit from sexual wellness, health and empowerment.  I recognize the importance of modeling empowered behavior to young women emerging into their own as well as encouraging women in their golden years to maintain healthy pelvic floor and sexual organ function. After working closely with women it became clear that we need our own private and safe place to express our sensual potency in all its manifestations and connect intimately with our erotic energy as well as express our emotions without judgement. Our sexuality and sensuality is a key to unlock our pleasure and potency.. When we are empowered we are courageous enough to live our purpose. Women who live their passion serve their communities and humanity in equal measure. This is about reclaiming what has been forgotten or denied and returning to our powerful sensual nature.

CHILDREN WE SERVE: The Away Inward Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit established in 2013. The goal of our service work is to support non-profit organizations in Peru, India, and Nepal. We provide medical, educational and hygiene supplies, fund housing and school projects, as well as educational sponsorships. There is a great need in this world and our goal is to distribute materials and monetary funds to the poor so they may not only survive but also have a chance to thrive. Our focus is on orphanages and schools where education is a challenge. We have completed the rebuild of a school in Darbung, a remote village in Nepal. Due to severe earthquakes in 2015 the school crumbled. Through our volunteer program and local support we bridged cultures and communities for a common cause. Get involved at

Bakasana on Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand South Island

Bakasana on Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand South Island

Practicing one-on-one with Nianna is an empowering, inspiring and truly unique experience. In the intimacy of your own session and breath you will have the space to work and explore on a personal level. You will be guided in pranayam (breath), meditation, purifying postures and inner practices. Each session is based on the artful attention of mind and the evolutionary understanding of Fascia through dynamic postural alignment that will bring you out of pain and into health and wellness. She will attend to your unique life circumstance and where your specific interests lay. Setting an intention, known as sankalpa, is a potent and vital part of the transformational process of yoga. Making a commitment and being open to change is crucial to self-realization. You will be encouraged to make choices that align with your highest potential and together design a spiritual practice, known as sadhana, to nurture and support your evolution. "Nianna will rock your yoga world" - Dani McGuire



 Nianna teaches internationally, leads global adventure retreats and can be booked for special events, private classes and retreats, trainings and workshops world wide.

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