Steeped in the masterful teachings of Prana Flow, the Krama Tantra lineage, women's wisdom teachings, and sacred sensuality.


Practicing one-on-one with Nianna is an empowering, inspiring and truly special  experience. In the intimacy of your own session and breath you will have the space to work and explore on a personal level. You will be guided in pranayam (breath), meditation,  purifying postures and flow. Each session’s healing practice is based on the science of tantra and yoga specific to your individual needs, life circumstance and where your interests lay. Setting an intention, known as sankalpa, is a potent and vital part of the transformational work of yoga. Making a commitment and being open to change is crucial to the process of self-realization. You will be encouraged to make choices that align with your highest potential and together design a spiritual practice, known as sadhana, to nurture and support your evolution. 

Nianna’s teaching style is uniquely her own relevant to our modern times while steeped in the tradition. She has woven her diverse teachings into a fabric of power and grace that embodies the essence of the practice of yoga she loves so dearly. Each class is grounded, inspired, and integrated. Her class is rooted in asana and pranayam as ones direct participation with Prana Shakti, Life Giving Source, by uniting the feminine/inhale and masculine/exhale polarities. She teaches yoga and tantra in the lineages of Krishnamacharya, Sri Vidya, Shakta Kaula and Krama traditions. Her teaching is deeply inspired by Prana Flow as taught to her by Shiva Rea, Kundalini Tantra,  Ashtanga, Yin yoga and restoratives, women’s wisdom and sexuality.



Gratitude To My Teachers

to the many teachers who have shined upon me, specifically, Shiva Rea, Mark Whitwell, Micheline Berry, Denise Kaufman, Paul Grilley,  Erich Schiffman, Annie Carpenter, Maria Garre, Psalm Isadora, Jo Tastula, Bharat Thakur who initiated me into Kriya Yoga, my Grandmother and Grandfather who introduced me to the ancient ways at a young age, Shri Shakti Maa, Paramahansa Yogananda, Douglas Brooks, Daniel Odier, Krishna Murti, Anandamayi Ma, and most importantly, my guru Krishanmacharya, my parents and my beloved partner.