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Spiritual India

January 11 - 23, 2015

Rajasthan Pilrimage & Kerala Retreat

India is a world of living paradox. It is a country you must see for yourself to truly understand. A journey to India is a journey into the self as much as it is a discovery of an exotic foreign land. For us India is the mother land, the sacred ground upon which we pilgrimage and make our sacred offering. We lay our bodies at the altar in full pranam, a deep bow that attunes us with the resonance of our heart and that streaming power of Ma Shatki. India will change you, send you home with a new perspective and a lifetime of memories, a heart full of compassion and a new understanding of life. You will have stories to share and some things will live deep inside you as words won't be able to express your intimate experience. India will answer many of your questions, heal you in ways you can't imagine now, and turn you toward what you truly seek. Embark on this journey and discovery for yourself all that India has to share with you.

India will give you so much that you will want to give back. On all our Away Inward Retreats we work personally with local non-profit orphanages in support of children having a better future as part of our commitment to conscious tourism and being a part of global change through humanity. Being on an AIR retreat includes you in our nonprofit efforts and opportunity to visit running programs and give more if inspired. For more information on the Away Inward Foundation visit

January 11 - 17, 2015


Not all who wander are lost. Find yourself as you indulge in the sights, sounds and sensations of incredible India. Rajasthan is the most glorious of Indian states. The architecture of temples, forts, and castles creates a regal atmosphere. The people and cities we will visit are vibrant, at times chaotic, but always full of life and at the end of the day you will be pleased to return to the comfort and rejuvenation of your lovely room, single or double occupancy as you choose. We will visit important sites and temples, eat delicious North Indian cuisine and stay at beautifully elaborate, modern and sophisticated hotels with luxury rooms with views, attentive service and amenities that will make you the feel like royalty. Spa services, day pilgrimages, meditation and yoga will satisfy your traveling soul and connect you with the wisdom and culture of Mother India.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1 : Jaipur

Day 2: Jaipur

Day 3: Pushkar

Day 4 : Pushkar

Day 5  : Udaipur

Day 6 : Udaipur

Day 7 : Return home, or onward to Kerela for Spiritual India Retreat


Single occupancy - $3850

Double occupancy - $3250

Early bird (until Nov 1st): Save $250

Price includes all rooms, meals, all classes, excursions, entry fees

NOT Included:

Airfare to/from India, Extras - tips, snacks, gifts,

For more details, to submit registration application and make a deposit email:

January 17 - 23, 2015


Enjoy the bliss of yoga and ayurveda in Kerala. Kerala is known as Gods Country becuase of its lush beauty, expansive beaches and majestic mountains. The week will be a breath taking journey in the wild nature and relaxed pace of Kerela, known as a dream destination for good reason as there is so much beauty to see and experiences enjoy.  It is true that time in nature has transformational power and this retreat will provide the inspirational views, luxury accommodations and amenities and the R&R you need to return home renewed and rejuvenated. Daily purifying elemental vinyasa & Yin Style yoga and tantric meditation and pranayam with Nianna will connect you with your deepest truth and send your soul soaring.

Each day begins and ends with yoga & meditation. You will have a consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor who will proscribe treatment. 5 Day Treatment Packages are at an additional cost and price is determined by your unique treatment plan. One ayurvedic massage is included for all guests.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1 : Arrive in Trivandrum

Day 2 : Retreat

Day 3 : Day Trip (before or after treatments)

Day 4 : Retreat

Day 5 : Day Trip (before or after treatments)

Day 6 : Retreat

Day 7 : Return home or go on 2 night back waters tour additional price


Single occupancy - $3850

Double occupancy - $3250

Early registration Nov 1 save $250

$1000 Deposit

Early bird (until  Nov 1):

Price includes all rooms, vegetarian cuisine, all classes, excursions, entry fees, ceremonies, 1 ayurvedic massage, etc.

NOT Included:

Airfare, Extras - tips, snacks, gifts, additional spa and ayurveda treatment packages

For more info and to register email Nianna directly at

Kerala Back Waters 2 Night Tour January 23 - 25, 2015

Add on price : $400 per person for double occupancy

Includes all taxes, transportation, meals, boat crew and tour. Tip not included

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