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Into the Deep | Yoga, Tantra & Music | Portland, OR

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Tantra, Yoga & Music Retreat with Michael Hewett & Nianna Bray

FEBRUARY 23 - 25, 2018

There is a moment in our lives when we decide we want to live a life of true intimacy with ourself, other and life. As we step bravely on our path we encounter teachings along the way that light our path forward. Tantra is one of those paths and millions of people for centuries have turned to the wisdom of Tantra in practice and theory. 

It is one thing to read the scriptures, it is another to submerge oneself in the practice. This weekend immersion retreat we will be a deep dive into the essence of tantra and reveal what it is to be a practitioner of this ancient tradition in the 21st century. We will explore the inherent power of embodiment through dynamic movements met with inner meditative stillness, circles, loops and spirals of mind and body, integration of organic muscular and pranic energy. Tantra is to weave, liberate and expand. Together we dive into the deep and bring up with us the gems of our inner journey. 


If you are living a conscious life, you question what it is to live in integrity while honoring your desire. What it means to face your fear while honoring your vulnerability. What it means to live your truth while honoring another's. The awakened path of tantra has its roots in goddess worship and the honoring of the feminine as well as the masculine and the interplay between the two. 

Into The Deep weekend retreat will expound upon the inner practices while awakening your senses to the outer world through sensory experience, nature, food, music, sadhana (practice) and playful interaction in community.

Michael will be gifting us a beautiful concert on Saturday night to take us into a deeper dimension of feeling. His most recent album, ‘Muses’ was released Spring 2017 & is a collection of nine love songs written & recorded on three continents over two years.For a taste of what is to come please enjoy his guitar solo on sound cloud that was recorded for NPR.  

Allow yourself to unfold and for a weekend, untie the knots that bind, surrender your armor and step into a path of love that unifies and connects. Through an ever widening view of human experience we learn to tolerate more and expand our hearts to contain more. 



The Path of Yes - Tantra in the 21st century 

Energetic Boundaries - The Art of Grounding 

Tantric meditation - Secrets from the Tibetan Caves

Protection & Empowerment - The Universal template of all Postures


We will gather among the trees along the Clackamas river in the country only 33 minutes from Downtown Portland and the PDX airport. A beautiful large wood lodge on 40 acres of forested land will be our home for the weekend. To accompany the nourishing teachings you will have access to walks in nature, communion with the river, patio and yard space to rest, a warm fire place and a spacious atmosphere to connect.


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Michael Hewett has lived for over 20 years in Brooklyn NYC & is recently returned from 18 months in Europe & two world tours. Michael has taught Yoga for over 20 years & played guitar for over 30. He founded Sarva Yoga Academy in 2010 which offers a spectrum of deep trainings in the Yogic Arts for practitioners & aspiring teachers. His Yoga classes, workshops & retreats weave together philosophies, asana, music & meditation to experientially guide students along their paths with humor, scholarship & artistry.  Michael is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA). He has released seven full length albums ranging from progressive metal, Spanish classical & acoustic instrumental. His most recent album, ‘Muses’ was released Spring 2017 & is a collection of nine love songs written & recorded on three continents over two years. As a professional DJ on the international festival/club scene, he is known by his alter ego ‘Nagual’. Find Michael on Instagram


Nianna Bray a lover of life, dedicated yogini and compassionate friend. She has traveled the world connecting with men and women from different cultures to distill the essence of our common humanity. Her teachings touch to the heart of our daily lived experience. She empowers her students to step bravely onto their path and love with a vulnerable and open heart. After over 20 years of practice and 12 years of teaching in the USA and internationally, she has cultivated her unique voice and approach to the practice while honoring her lineage of master teachers.

INTO THE DEEP WEEKEND RETREAT can be experienced as either a residential retreat or full program with off-site accommodation.

LODGE ROOM & ALL MEALS, TEA & SNACKS all meals and snacks will be healthy fresh mostly organic, local when possible, grown/harvested from Three Goats Farm, lacto-ovo or vegetarian, tasty, delicious and made with love.


Program - Friday - Sunday Full Weekend or Workshops $250

Food - Meals, tea, fruit & snacks $75

Weekend Residential Rooms, with food included

Shared bunk room 10 beds  $150/pp  (10 single beds, bathroom ensuite) 

Private Front Room Single $210/ Shared $150pp  (2 rooms, 4 beds, shared bathroom)

Private Back Room  Single $250/shared $175pp (2 rooms, 4 beds, jack & Jill ensuite bathroom, separate entrance, direct porch access)

Master Room 2 people $395, 4 /people $95pp  (4 beds, or 2 queen beds, private ensuite bathroom, Jacuzzi bathtub, private balcony)

Sleeping Alcove $125 ( 2 avail) 

River Reflection




4- 5 arrive, settle into rooms, tea

5 - 7 welcome circle and practice

7 - 8 dinner

8 - 9 pranayama, meditation, yin yoga

* Arrive early on Friday for massage. Schedule in advance only. Please contact Nianna 3104256850 or



6 - 8 tea & fruit - quiet time 

8 - 10 morning practice

10 - 11 yummy brunch

11 - 3 afternoon workshop

3 - 5 - free time, fruit, tea, nature, massage, journal

5:30pm - 6:30 - dinner

7 - 8:30 evening session 

8:30 Concert with Michael Hewett


6 - 8 tea & fruit - quiet time 

8 - 10 morning practice

10 - 11 brunch

11 - 3 afternoon workshop

3 - 5 fruit/snack, tea, nature, journal, free time

5 - 7 practice, closing circle,

7 - 8 dinner


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