Taking a Break to heal

It has been a week since my accident and you may have heard by now from me or through the grapevine... Unfortunately, I shattered my tibia and broke my fibula in two. This means that I have canceled the rest of my Europe teaching tour so that I can rest and in time, rehab. I will take the next while to heal myself and I trust I will be stronger and wiser for it. I am sorry to miss those who were looking forward to our time together in practice.

Enjoy the good times, learn from the bad times. 

Living a life of global adventure, it so happened that I have... 

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What it means to serve

Helping others from the kindness of ones heart is a slightly strange proposition for people, especially when its coming from stranger from a different country. In the western world we enjoy feeling altruistic. The truth is we have so much, more then enough and we want to give. Well, some of us do. The Nepali people work hard. But they work first for their family, then village, then country. It seems like a good idea to me and yet I find myself helping strangers across the globe rebuild their school. The earthquake changed my retreat company's annual cultural immersion into a seva project. What else could we do? Nepal chose us...

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